#The100DayProject ~ I’ve Been Making Art Every Day for 100 Days


I’ve been taking part in #The100DayProject on Instagram, making art every day for 100 days.

#The100DayProject is an annual global project that any artist or maker can join in with, creating and sharing their work over 100 days. It started on 3rd April 2018 and there’s only one week left.

Some people choose a theme to focus on, such Alexa Karabin, who chose to work in colour, instead of her usual monochromatic or limited colour palette. The result was these beautiful sparkling insects.

I’ve also found Ellen Young’s dogs entertaining in #100daysofdogs.

Making Art Every Day (..almost)

Instead of choosing a theme for #the100DayProject, my focus has been to just make some kind of art every day for 100 days. It’s been good for me as I’m the king of procrastination, (**see below) and publicly announcing that you’re going to do something makes you more inclined to actually do it!

Some days I just added a little paint to a work in progress or quickly sketched a houseplant in biro pen. I missed a few days, but it’s been so productive to have this push to actually be painting, pastelling, sketching or breaking out my wax crayons instead of spending lots of time tweaking the keywords in my Etsy listings or rearranging the shop front!

This blog post is just a collection of some of my favourite days of making since April 3rd.

** Procrastination is something I might write about in another post (when I’ve stopped procrastinating about it), sharing what has worked for me over the years since becoming self-employed.

A Selection of My Instagram Posts Since April

These were snippets of my 100 days of making art. If you want to see more, please visit my Instagram. Thank you for visiting and reading (if you have read this far).

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Art by Piefingers. #the100DayProject

Art by Piefingers. #the100DayProject

Art by Piefingers. #the100DayProject


Art by Piefingers. #the100DayProject

Art by Piefingers. #the100DayProject